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About Us

Purple Daisy Kids looks at things a little differently. Where some may see an old discarded pile of fabric remnants, we see birthday banners waiting to become annual traditions.  When others merely see a butterfly net and tutu, we see a story ready to unfold.  Unclaimed wood carves itself into a lifetime memory of racing cars and trucks.

We constantly search for new products and goods that make life a little richer. A little more colorful. During this search we discovered something inherent within us. Something that has come to stand for Purple Daisy Kids. A way to live. We are the devoted, the supporters, and the faithful. But most of all, we are the believers.

We believe in individuality. In new trends and great designs. In fashion. In feeling special. And personal statements.

We believe in education. In embracing the creative process. In music and color. In cowboys and fairies. And magic.

We believe in personal service. In demanding great products. And spending money wisely.

We believe in people. In bringing creative talent to market. In supporting new designers. And artists.

We believe in one world. In fair trade and fair wages. In living green. And personal responsibility.

And above all else, we believe in children. That each child deserves our best.

Established 2004.
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